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WIDEFT: A Corpus of Radio Frequency Signals for Wireless Device Fingerprint Research

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Las Cruces Parks and Recreation App

PhotoVoltaic (PV) Monitor App

DSP C Codes

A collection of useful C functions for common DSP operations can be found in Introduction to Signal Processing, by S. Orfanidis.

With this link you will find the above C functions and a passcode I developed which reads stereo pairs of input samples from a text file and writes stereo pairs of output samples to a text file.  In addition, examples including FIR and IIR filters are included. [ ]

I also developed a real-time version of the passcode which uses the PortAudio API to read and write samples to a sound card.  I have provided a step-by-step procedure for how to install PortAudio on a Macintosh computer and how to create (from scratch) an Xcode project for the passcode.  With this link you will find pre-built Xcode projects for passcode, FIR and IIR filters, etc. [ Procedure | ]

Machine Learning Code

Getting cuSVM (CUDA Support Vector Machine) working on 64-bit Linux [ Info | Makefile ]